Michelle Williams: I’m Too Skinny and I Want to Gain Weight

October 5, 2015

Former “Destiny’s Child” member Michelle Williams admits she’s super skinny and is desperate to tone up, the Daily Mail reports.

In the latest issue of Heat magazine, Williams speaks of her recent appearance on “Strictly Come Dancing 2010,” and says: “I was hoping not to lose too much weight. I’ve toned up, though. Now there’s no more weight on me that I could lose!

“My metabolism has changed. It burns food quicker these days. I’m 120 pounds, but yes, I’m too skinny. I’ve always been like that. Growing up, I was so skinny – I was always skinny, skinny, skinny.

In a much sexier photo shoot that compliments her small figure, Williams is also featured in the latest issue of UK’s “Pride” magazine.

“I’ve always wanted to be a little bigger, so now I’m eating lots of pasta and rice. I want to gain weight.” Williams admitted her no-meat diet didn’t help in her bid to pile on the pounds.

“I was on a leaner diet of fish, chicken and turkey. I need some steak! I’ve lost too much weight on my diet. I’d like to have a figure like Halle Berry’s. She’s in really good shape – not too muscular, but very feminine and sexy,” she explained.

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    Smh 3 years later she’s much skinnier than she was during this interview