Miss Authentica: Natural (Non-Bleached) African Beauty

October 5, 2015

Frustrated by the big business of beauty creams that destroy natural beauty and the men that prefer light skinned women over darker skinned beauties, a beauty contest that goes by the name of “Miss Authentica” was recently held in Africa. According to missauthentica.com, the contest is held in an effort to encourage dark skinned women to love the skin their in and discourage the use of bleaching products that destroy natural beauty.

The website is written in French and translates to English as such:

“Through this partnership with this fashion designer, we completely ambitionnons to fight against all the bad plagues which surround youth Of the Ivory Coast and more particularly sexual vagrancy in the young girl and to develop the culture of the Ivory Coast while emphasizing truths assets of this one done of grace (elegance, with a smile and a natural dye, a physical shape revealing dimensions proportional and harmonious), of education (to know to cook, to have a minimum level of studies of the class of third, to know well to express themselves in French, in a dialect of the Ivory Coast, a foreign language and to finally be very respectful and virtuous).”

It also states that contestants must be single and skin MUST be natural and confirmed by a skin specialist that no bleaching creams were ever used.