Model Jourdan Dunn Speaks On Racism

October 5, 2015

In a recent feature for Net-A-Porter’s The Edit, Jourdan Dunn talks about being turned away from model castings because the client “didn’t want any more black girls.” It’s a story that shouldn’t come as no surprise, as it’s the story of most black models in the industry today. However, one would think as much as Dunn has accomplished throughout her career she would be offered a little more slack.

Jourdan, who was the first black model to walk in Prada’s fashion show in over a decade, also reveals the time a white makeup artist said that she didn’t want to work on Dunn’s face because she was black. This wasn’t a case of a white makeup artist not knowing how to apply products to a darker skin tone — this was just pure racism. Although, Jourdan has dealt with that issue as well. Back in October 2011, Jourdan expressed her frustration publicly with the following tweet: “I swear some people need to learn how to do black hair/skin.”