Mother of 15 Says “Somebody Needs To Be Held Accountable and Pay”

October 5, 2015

A Tampa, FL mother of 15, recently evicted from her apartment because it housed too many children, blames the government for her ongoing issues with being homeless and having children who were left barefoot with no change of clothes and hungry.

“Somebody needs to pay … for all my children … all our suffering, all our pain … Somebody need to be held accountable, and they need to pay,” said Angel Adams, the single mother of 15.

Apparently after the news broke that the mom and 12 of her underage children ranging from 6 months to 11-years-old were living in a motel room, social services stepped in and did pay. They temporarily placed her in a better home to care for her children and paid her rent, which Adams felt was not enough.

The children were finally taken away from Adams when she went to jail for contempt after refusing to tell the judge whether or not she was pregnant again? I'm left confused.

In other news, a Texas mom shoots her two kids and kills herself after being rejected for food stamps. More on that madness when you continue.