My Own Issue With Vogue Italia’s Black Issue

October 5, 2015


When photos first started to surface from this issue, I was a little disappointed to only see those that exposed bare chests as a distraction. Where’s the fashion? Well, I’ve actually gotten over that and moved on realizing that even though bare chested women definitely was not what I wanted to see, it’s not exactly what bothers me the most.

Here’s really my thing, Sozzani has been with Vogue Italia for 20 years, and now all of a sudden she’s overly excited about introducing more black models? Why now? Why not 20 years ago? It took Barack Obama to make her realize that black people can be just as successful as others and make a company money IF given the opportunity?

Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani says the spur for July’s first-ever “Black Issue” of the fashion magazine came in part from Barack Obama‘s progress en route to becoming Democratic presidential candidate.

In my own words, Sozanni took advantage of an opportunity to capitalize on a “black experience” now that the time is right. PERIOD.

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