My Own Issue With Vogue Italia’s Black Issue

October 5, 2015


I really find it funny that Sozanni says, “I wasn’t impressed with the current crop of look alike models with no personality”.

LOL… well, FINALLY. Then she goes on to say, “America … is ready for a black president, so why are we not ready for a black model?”


Don’t get me wrong, I love the tribute. It’s a blessing that the doors opened up, and if it took Barack Obama to make it happen, then I would just consider him a “God Send”. I just want to know why it took so long? Why did it take so long for Sozanni to open up her eyes and accept black beauty and fight to include more African American models in the magazine if this is how she really feels?

All in all, I’m just not ready to give the “sold out” issue more credit than it really deserves.

Again, Sozzani has been at Vogue Italia for 20 years, and from her own words, she’s now all of a sudden “attracted by the strong personalities of the black models”. That just seems strange to me.

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