My Own Issue With Vogue Italia’s Black Issue

October 5, 2015


The July issue features a profile of Michelle Obama, wife of the presidential candidate Barack Obama, and interviews with director Spike Lee and Edmonde Charles-Roux, who quit as editor of Vogue Paris over a decision not to use a cover of black model Donyale Luna in June 1966.

Sozzani said she had a different experience for her issue over 40 years later and found no resistance.

“No, no (resistance) at all, not from the clients, not from the people, my chairman was enthusiastic from the beginning,” she said.

Sozzani plans to use more black models in the future, but adds “I don’t want to say every issue, not every story should be with black girls, but we should have more.”

The fashion business still uses few black models for advertising and even in the Black Issue’s with nearly 350 pages they appear in less than a handful of publicity shots.

Sozzani says she used her influence with some advertisers to persuade them to use black models.

“I know that they’re already asking for more .. for shooting and I know that already some are thinking to use more even for the shows,” she said, adding “but you never know what is in the minds of the designers.”

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