My Own Issue With Vogue Italia’s Black Issue

October 5, 2015


ANYWAY, thanks Sozzani for your continued efforts. I guess. Because I too am not impressed with the current crop of look alike models with no personality. Next maybe we can consider a little extra weight to keep the Department of Health out of the issue and possibly even the suicide attempt rate down.


Is This A Gimmick? Yes!

But the fact remains that flipping through the issue and seeing page after page of gorgeous black women can act as a reminder to editors, stylists, modeling agencies and consumers — that beauty comes in many forms. It can be edgy, irreverent, weird, pretty, strong and avant-garde — while being black. While perhaps some may be upset that it took a “stunt” like this to throw a spotlight on the issue of the lack of diversity in magazines and runways, it’s actually a beautiful souvenir, a keepsake to remember these troubled times. A protest song in photograph form. Never has the racism issue looked quite so stunning.

Interested in checking out scanned photos of the issue visit: (partial issue) or (complete issue) warning: slow loading page

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