Naomi Campbell's Driver Apologizes for Wrongful Accusations

October 5, 2015

Earlier this week it was reported that Miodrag Mejdina, a driver for Naomi Campbell stopped his car in midtown Manhattan to call the police at about 3pm to report how Miss Campbell allegedly hit him from behind and then fled on foot.

Mejdina now regrets ever involving the police, and made a statement through his lawyer yesterday that he got 'angry and over reacted', the incident was 'blown out of proportion' and he wanted to apologize to Campbell 'for causing that to happen'. He is not pressing charges.

Campbell, 39, also issued a statement last night, saying: 'On Tuesday 2nd March I was accused of unacceptable behaviour towards a driver in New York.

'I have worked very hard on correcting my previous wrongdoings and I will not be held hostage to my past.

'I try to treat everyone with respect and I am pleased the driver has apologized. I would like to put the last few days behind me and move on.'