National Cleavage Day Sponsored by Wonderbra: Nipple Slip Commercial

October 5, 2015

So, today (April 15) is National Cleavage Day (NCD), a woman's holiday sponsored by Wonderbra. The special day allegedly began in 2002, and is celebrated annually in South Africa, and other parts of the world.

“It is a day for women to realize that their cleavage is something unique and that they should be proud of it,” explained Anita Meiring, public relations consultant for Wonderbra. “It gives women a chance to be beautiful and glow in the furtive, yet appreciative, glances their cleavage evokes from men. She also explained “It gives men a legitimate reason to stare at boobs.”

So, according to Wonderbra, on this day, women should simply enjoy the pleasure of being a woman. Celebrate femininity, confidence and allure, feel sexy and be admired. Avoid nipple slips, and wear a Wonderbra!