New Book 'Love Locked Down' Focuses on Women Standing Behind Their Men

October 5, 2015

Let's face it. With the high number of incarcerated black men, and single black women, the chance that many single black women are either seeking a relationship wherever they can find one (pun intended), or already in relationships with men doing time behind bars, are extremely high as well.

Writer /author R. Satiafa brings up some interesting facts about women standing behind their men while in prison. She understands that the effects of living a life behind bars can take a toll on both the loved ones on the outside, as well as the ones on the inside. In many cases, it's much more difficult for the women emotionally, financially, and spiritually. As a result, most relationships of this nature fail at some point.

In her latest book, “Love Locked Down,” Satiafa aims to help women and men heal relationships and improve their chances for successful lives upon release. She also explains that knowing what's best for you is important when deciding whether or not to ride it out with someone in prison.

Every situation is different. But, “It all boils down to self-evaluation (knowing your worth). Why you feel the way you feel (are you really in love, showing love, or just desperate…). Is it (the situation) helping you to be a better person? Is it making you happy? And if you can't answer positively to any of those questions, then maybe you need to change your mind about some things.