NEW: Frutels Vitamin Chocolate Candy for Acne

June 28, 2012

According to the manufacturer, frutels created its patent-pending formula to eliminate the causes of acne before blemishes appear on your skin.* because frutels chocolates work inside your body, they are for your face, back or wherever.

frutels is safe, natural and sugar free — no artificial ingredients, no weird chemicals or preservatives. In independent and in-house testing frutels was effective in a majority of people who used it, in two weeks or less.**

frutels gives you clear skin from the inside out by supporting your body against the causes of acne: hormones, stress and diet.

Interesting enough that frutels have pretty decent reviews here from people who have tried these chocolate vitamin balls… hummmmm — may be worth a try — if nothing else you'll have yourself an expensive box of good tasting? chocolates.