New Government Online Cancer Risk Tool 'FOR WHITES ONLY'

October 5, 2015

The government is taking us back to the days where signs read “For Whites Only”.  This only shows that the time still hasn't exactly come where all men are created equal. I guess next, they'll try to find a drug to slowly kill us all.

A new interactive online tool can help older Americans assess their risk for developing colon cancer. The catch is that it only works for whites.

That’s too bad, since blacks are at higher risk than whites for colorectal cancer, developing it and dying of it at higher rates, and recent reports suggest the racial gap is widening.

The new screening tool, developed by the National Cancer Institute and available at, asks roughly 20 questions, the first two about race and ethnic background.

If the user answers “Hispanic” or “Black or African-American,” a box of red text pops up that says, “At this time the risk calculations and results provided by this tool are only accurate for non-Hispanic white men and women ages 50 to 85.” The text refers readers to another Web site for more information.

“I’m frankly a bit taken aback,” said Gail Christopher, vice president for programs at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, after being referred to the site by a reporter. “This is not acceptable. N.C.I. can do better.”