Indique Virgin Hair Extensions by Angela Simmons Bikini Collection

October 5, 2015

Angela Simmons celebrated the launch of her new collaboration with Indiqué Virgin Hair Extensions in New York City earlier this week, a collaboration the brand says will change the world of beauty forever. As the new celebrity spokesmodel for the brand, Angela will promote her own signature product, Bikini. The collection is a monumental addition to the Indique brand. Bikini exudes a beautiful beachy texture using Indique Hair’s state of the art steaming process.

“To me, hair is a statement and an extension of your wardrobe and I’ve always been drawn to fashion and being able to change up my look,” said Angela. “This partnership seemed natural, much like the naming of BIKINI. A BIKINI is the staple piece during the hot summer months or while on vacation, and the name perfectly describes the beachy texture of my first hair line.”