As I Am Natural Hair Care for Those Natural Hairstyles

October 5, 2015

Still looking for the one product line to help you achieve that certain natural look you desire? Well, here’s something new to try: “As I Am,” the latest hair care collection to hit the market, for the sole purpose of nurturing natural coils, and assisting with styling natural hair types.

The line was developed by Dr. Syed, who founded product development for professional hair care companies such as, Avlon Industries, (maker of Affirm, FiberGuard, KeraCare and MoisturColor brands), and Syntonics International, (maker of products bearing the same name, and the newly introduced Grothentic brand).

According to the “As I Am” website, bringing these products to the public was no easy task. It took no less than a dozen professional hair care chemists, (several with Ph.D.’s), at least 10 professional hairstylists; countless happy “testers” among employees and the community at large; hundreds of research & development hours and hundreds of thousands of investment dollars, but the end result was all so worth it, because it culminated in the birth of a wonderful array of 10 wonderfully formulated products designed specifically for tightly coiled and curly hair; each with an impressive ingredient listing that includes many of nature’s finest organic ingredients.

As I Am products are currently only available online, but will soon be available in retail stores across the nation.