New Study Suggests Hair Relaxers Cause Fibroids In The Uterus

October 5, 2015

With so many women turning away from chemicals and transitioning to natural hairstyles, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that researchers are coming up with more and more time to find things wrong with today’s hair products. From Brazilian blowouts, hair bonding glue, various hair colors, shampoo’s and conditioners, nothing that is not made from all natural ingredients seems to be safe anymore.

A new Boston University is now showing how hair relaxers can cause fibroids in the uterus, and early puberty in young girls. However, many women feel more research needs to be done to make them a believer.

The question at hand at this point is if products with certain chemicals are causing women to have health issues, and some to even die, why do they continue to use them? My Fox Houston caught up with a few women to get their thoughts.