Salon Quality Natural Organic Hair Products

October 5, 2015


Following along the same path as Carol’s Daughter, Oyin, Blended Beauty and others, Ebony of Essence brings to the market a natural organic hair care and skin care line for people of color.

One thing that I’m a sucker for is pretty packaging. If it looks professional, smells pretty and has a nice list of ingredients, I’m ampt to at-least give it a try. I guess that would make me somewhat of a product junkie? I also absolutely love being black. So if something is made by us for us that’s always a plus and well worth my consideration.

While the Ebony of Essence skin care line is not yet available. The hair care line consists of 4 main products:

Warm Vanilla Almond Moisturizing Shampoo
Warm Vanilla Almond Moisturizing Conditioner
Warm Vanilla Almond Leave-in Conditioner and
Warm Vanilla Almond Whipped Hair Butter

For a limited time only Ebony of Essence is offering a free bottle of their Warm Vanilla Almond Moisturizing Shampoo with the purchase and download of their eBook: “The Essence of Hair Growth”. A nice value for anyone looking to get their hair on the right path and don’t mind reading.

This is what the owner of Ebony of Essence has to say:

“I am T.L. Johnson; I use to struggle with managing, and maintaining the health and length of my hair. Wearing extensions was not an option for me because they damaged my hair to the degree where it was breaking off and thinning out. I did extensive research, to see if I could find a natural solution for my hair without using harsh and detrimental applications, but I found inadequate information for black and ethnic women. I spent 100’s of dollars and 1,000’s of hour’s online, reading books and magazines to find limited information.
With the information I did have I began a trial and error process, by modifying my diet, increasing my physical activity, taking vitamins and minerals, and by using my homemade natural hair care products, I was able to maximize and maintain my hair growth.
A year later my hair had grown 7 inches longer and was thicker then it had been in years. I’ve created an easy to read exclusive guide for ethnic women, which has simplified this process, so that you can save time and money and achieve and maintain healthy hair growth, making it possible to reach your hair length goals.”

To learn more about the Ebony of Essence product line and The Essence of Hair Growth, visit their website at:

Another seemingly salon quality product line that I recently came across is Just Naturals Hair and Skin Care for African American and Black Hair. However, I’m wondering to myself is it really necessary to reference it as African American AND Black Hair? Aren’t we all one belonging to the same??? I guess I’m a little confused and makes me question do they even know what they’re doing? The double referencing I could almost overlook, but I’m a little more annoyed by the presentation of the line itself. Aside from the brand which is clearly “Just Naturals”, the individual products have no name??? Yes, I’m particular. Being that it’s already hard trying to find nice quality brands for ethnic hair and skin, I tried my best to make sense of this, but hummmmm, I want to like it, but hummmm at the moment that’s all I can say.

Since I’m not really one to dwell on silly things, but rather like to stay positive and realize that they do seem to have good intentions, I’ll let you check it out for yourself at: