Nicki Minaj Sings The Blues On Newly Surfaced “Marilyn Monroe” Track

October 5, 2015

Nicki Minaj takes a break from calling fellow rap sistah's Stupid Hoe with nappy hair, and focuses more on self with a much more classic and relaxing sound. In the newly surfaced track titled Marilyn Monroe Nicki uses one of her icons to separate her strengths from her weakness. Sounding confused, she questions whether or not the late Monroe ever felt the same way she does about life.

“I can get low. I can get low; don't know which way is up. Yeah, I can get high. I can get high like I could never come down. Call me a curse, or just call me blessed. If you can't handle my worse, you aint getting my best. Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt — felt — felt?” Check it out below.