No Greese: Is Black Face OK for Black Barbershop Logo?

October 5, 2015

Barbershop owners Damien and Jermaine Johnson are catching some flack over their companies “No Greese” logo.

After 13 years of continued success serving a multi-cultural clientele, the logo, which represents “blackface,” has now somehow started to cross a few human eyes and raise eyebrows.

WBTV caught up with the owners of “No Greese” as well as others in the area to see what they had to say.

Jermaine, who designed the logo for the brothers’ chain of “No Greese” barbershops in the North Carolina area said he knew going in that the logo might ruffle some feathers, but also said:

“Sometimes we don’t like our history, but it’s part of American history, so we embrace it, and we understand it…”

However, not everyone understands it the way the Johnson’s do, and some are speaking out against it.

Jermain goes into further detail on where the idea of the logo came from and its history on the company website