Now Showing: Charlie Wilson “My Love Is All I Have” (official video)

December 12, 2013

R&B singer Charlie Wilson is coming back strong with a brand new album for fans of good music to enjoy. Today (Oct. 22) the Fedora hat man, and everybody's favorite Uncle, released a track from the album titled “My Love is All I Have.”

The song boasts of a man that feels he may not have the world to offer, but he is willing to share all of his love, which is all he has, with that special someone.

“I may not have a bank account with seven figures. And, I may not have a sail boat, and a big 'ol mansion (oh no). But, I do know how to love you baby, and in my own way; in my own way, I'm rich as hell. I really hope that none of this don't matter. And, I hope that you don't judge a man by his status. And, I was wondering if you and I can get together; know each other better. And, I promise you I'll give my all, and make my heart your mansion. I'll give you all I have. Love is all I have…”

Sounds all good.

Charlie Wilson's new album “Love Charlie” will be his forthcoming album, and is due Feb 2013!!