Now Showing: Killer Mike's Banned BET Video “Burn”

February 10, 2009

BET recently banned the following video “Burn” by Killer Mike from airing on its network, and many people question why?

Personally, I can understand their possible reasoning for not choosing to show it, but apparently I am one of the minority.

Although the video starts off telling young African American's who are currently being gunned down by police in record breaking numbers, and discriminated against like slavery never ended, to stay non-violent, it goes on to make terrorists threats, “I will burn this mutha f*ck* down,” and at one point even suggests that black people start piling guns to shoot back.

What are your thoughts? Is BET in denial of the current events that are taking place within the black community, and afraid of what's “real,” or are they simply trying to keep the peace? Not that it makes much of a difference, because if the madness continues, eventually, an all out riot is bound to happen, regardless if the video is shown or not. #justsaying