Nu Dred: A Full Head of Twists In Less Than A Minute

October 5, 2015

One of the things about twisting hair the traditional way is that it’s relatively time consuming, and can be a little messy with the use of gel products. But, with revolutionary new techniques, the game is rapidly changing.

As I watched this live demonstration of a brand new hair twisting device called Nu Dred, I was amazed with the results. Nu Dred allows you to twist the hair, and be on your way to professional looking locks in a matter of minutes.

The circulation movement that’s applied while forming the locks looks like it can be a bit of a challenge in some cases, but the benefits of it stimulating the scalp at the same time is award winning 🙂

While Nu Dred works best on shorter hair, and more than likely is not intended for continued maintenance once the hair has grown out to longer lengths, the idea of a real quick start up process that you can offer your clients, or even for yourself is one worth looking into.

To learn more about Nu Dred, check them out at: