Obama Gas Stations Go Global – New Pumps Open in Columbia, SC

October 5, 2015

Rising gas prices hasn't stopped one gas station owner in Columbia, SC from giving up hope and trying to make a change. Sam Alhanik, who got the idea from a friend in Michigan, says he changed the name of his station to Obama, because “It's the first president of black people. It's our president, and we like him.” Since the name change, Alhanik also says business is booming.

During the 2008 presidential election, Sam Bazzi changed the name of his three gas stations in Detroit, MI to Obama. Still today, Bazzi says he has no regrets. Obama stations have grabbed international attention, says Bazzi. And despite economic downturn, or the idea of Obama not being re-elected, Bazzi says he won’t change the stations’ names because the president has already brought him enough good will.