Obama's Support of Gay Marriage Has Many Black Churches Withdrawing Support

October 5, 2015

President Barack Obama's support of gay marriage is a heated topic of discussion right now, with many in the African American community feeling as if they've been thrown under the bus in order for Obama to get the gay vote. Several black churches have even gone as far as withdrawing their support for Obama in the upcoming election.

While Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli is among those who are negative about Obama's decision to support gay marriage, radio talk show host Santita Jackson had this to say:

“Obama is the President of the United States, he's not the pastor of the United States,” said Santita. “He made a political announcement, not a prophetic pronouncement. I think those that are going to stay home, were going to stay home anyway…. African American's, those who vote, WILL be voting for President Obama, because we understand that he is the CEO of the government. A government that has a constitution that he has sworn to uphold. A government that has a constitution that protects ALL Americans (red, yellow, black, brown and white, straight, and gay). And this government separates church and state, and it enables all of us to have life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and live by our faith, in our faith, but under the law which covers everybody.”