Observing Hairstyle Trends on The MBFW New York 2011 Runways

October 5, 2015

A combination of bald cuts, wild-out braided updo’s, slicked back ponytails, finger waves, and bold colors has kindly taken over the runways for MBFW in New York, and quite honestly, I’m a little confused with some of the messages being conveyed.

One look in particular that made me stop and stare in confusion, was on the Mandy Coon runway, where stylists got real creative (pun intended) by sticking tracks over hair wraps. WTH?

There was also an unusual number of bald cuts and slicked back ponytails, with the use of African models. For the most part, I really just can’t decide if that’s normal or not.

Other styles, for example, at the Richie Rich show, were just wild and literally all over the place.

At the end of the day, none of these looks comes to any surprise, and I’m usually disappointed with many of the hairstyles presented on the runway. They all just seem so rushed and completely out of the ordinary.