Old Navy’s New Booty Reader Says Your Future Is Behind You

October 5, 2015

Old Navy has a brand new psychic employee on board named Madame Eva, and she’s prepared to reveal your denim destiny with the company’s online booty reader.

To begin the process, Eva starts by using the old tarot card method and asks you to choose three cards that best represent yourself. She then asks to see your butt to analyze your curves. To get the full experience she suggests you upload a webcam shot or digital photo of your own a**, but you also have the option to borrow someone else’s.

**Quiet while your booty talks and Madame Eva discovers your voluptious behind.

In the end, you’re given a choice of three pair of jeans to choose from that best match the shape of your butt, along with possibilities of what you might be doing when wearing them.

So much for the days of trying to decide which jeans will best fit your curves as well as your needs, or so that’s the whole idea.

See Madame Eva in action for yourself: bootyreader.com