Old School: Johnny Taylor 'It Just Don't Pay…'

September 25, 2011

I've been listening to this over and over this evening.  For one because I love the rhythm (that old school music just does something to my soul) I can imagine myself chillin at a cool hole in the wall bar sippin' on my favorite warm drink, legs crossed and in another world 🙂 or just relaxing on the couch thinking about a hard day at work and all what I need to do to make things better.  Johnny is speaking so much truth.  In his lyrics, he makes it seem as if history is really repeating itself and he quotes “if history keeps on repeating itself, yo… one day we'll look around, there will be nothing left. It just don't pay to get up in the morning.”

Only thing for me, I definitely gotta get up in the morning 😉 God willing I'm destined to do that and be grateful for it weather it pays or not. Fortunately for me things aren't that bad, but just think, for some people things really are just that bad.