On Blast: Female Infecting Black Men With AIDS (Identified)

June 18, 2009

Good Lord, it wasn't long ago I learned about Trash Man, the guy that posted a video on youtube about a year or so ago claiming he infected a long list of women of all ages with the AIDS virus. A lot of controversy surrounded the video with many people believing the guy wasn't telling the truth.

A few days ago a female posted a similar video on youtube to let the world know that she also has AIDS, and she called off a list of names of people she infected.

I don't know if either confession by these people are true or not true, but if anybody is weird enough to get on youtube to post a video of this nature, it would make sense to take it seriously.

UPDATED: 01/15/2009: Woman Admits Video Is A Hoax

Apparently when the above video was posted on the blog site mediatakeout.com, a guy she allegedly infected with the virus recognized her and came forward to post a response (see below). Being that the woman claims the video was a hoax, and made it to raise awareness of AIDS, and to drive traffic to her porn site that she runs with her husband, I'm just assuming this must be her sick husband? smh…