OPINION: 5 Reasons Black Women Are NOT Mad at Tiger Woods

October 5, 2015

After the recent attack on black women taking offense to Tiger Woods' numerous white extramarital affairs, many black women are coming forward and are cracking back.  Zondra Hughs says, “Black Women Are Shocked Tiger Woods Has A Penis” (Chicago Now)!

Ashton Lattimore of News One has FIVE good reasons why she thinks black women are NOT mad at Woods.  Reason #2 seems to have a lot of merit, and let me be the third to come forward feeling the same as the others. “Aint nobody feeling Tiger Woods' Cablinasian ass like that; never was and never will be.”

Tiger Woods is kind of a dork.

“He may be a world-class athlete, but somehow playing golf lacks the raw sex appeal of something like soccer or basketball. For many women, Black and otherwise, the fact that Tiger Woods has sex at all – let alone in a wildly promiscuous manner – comes as a shock. It’s hard to get too upset about losing a man we never thought of “like that” in the first place” (News One).

Reason #1 is a great ending to anyone who thinks it's a debate:

This whole situation is entirely too funny to get angry about. (Unless you’re Elin and the kids. Or Woods.)

“New mistresses popping up every day, panicked voicemails and sexy texts leaked to the press, and an endless supply of golf/sex puns and jokes. What is there to do but laugh? Sorry Tiger” …