Oprah Winfrey’s Makeup Artist Reggie Wells “Black Women created Color”

October 5, 2015

Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist, Reggie Wells attended the 2011 Makeup Show held in Chicago this past weekend. Rolling Out caught up with Wells, and he spoke briefly about the reluctance of some black women to experiment with the various bright color palettes out of fear or habit. Wells says women of color would be more experimental if they realized the origin of makeup itself.

“They are completely ignorant that black women invented the idea of makeup,” Wells told rolling out. “Black women in Egypt were the women behind the color. Women in Egypt wore dark makeup. Before Paris, there was Egypt, and before Egypt, there were Stone-Age people. So, Egyptians created the color.”

As for the top color of the season, Wells says to “just do you…. The top color of the season is determined by fashion magazines. I can’t name a top color for women, unless I know what the woman looks like,” he quips.

“A top color could be any color you wear if you like it. I call the top color the one you like because who am I to tell you what you should wear?”