Oscars Red Carpet Beauty Prep

October 5, 2015

BeyonceIn less than 24 hours, everyone will be arguing about the Academy Awards – whose dress is best and who should sack their stylist.

But beneath the glamour is where things really get interesting. Those celestial bodies are the product of power-bleach, armpit botox, stiletto foot surgeries, cleavage facials, antianxiety drugs and last-minute liposuction.

And when the world’s most beautiful people are chatting about who designed their fabulous gowns, bags, jewellery and shoes, don’t expect them to thank the real people behind their look: the personal trainers, cosmetic surgeons, podiatrists, facialists, dermatologists and dentists who got them there.


The months before the Oscars are the busiest in the cosmetic surgeon’s diary. Dr Renato Calabria, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, pioneered the new One Stitch Facelift, which lifts loose facial skin and anchors it via one stitch under the hairline on each side of the face.

“The effect is more subtle than a full facelift and popular among clients in their late 30s,” Dr Calabria says.

Actresses who’ve hit 40 but don’t want to look it are turning to plastic surgeon Dr Richard Ellenbogen. He uses the Volumetric Face Lift to make the face look young again by treating it like a deflated balloon. Taking fat via a needle from a patient’s abdomen, he inserts it under the eyes, in the cheeks or between the nose and mouth to sculpt full features.

Manhattan-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Cameron Rokhsar says the hottest pre-Oscars skin filler this year is Radiesse.

“Used for facial sculpting, it smoothes laugh lines and creates higher cheekbones and a more prominent chin,” he says. “The results last for up to a year.”

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