Other Races Using The N-Word and How One Bad Girl Got Out of Control

October 5, 2015

It's probably never okay for anyone to use the N-word, since so many find it offensive. But it's even worse when other races use it, and in this case, use it in such a racist tone.

Former “Bad Girls Club” star Christina Hopkins allegedly didn't think she was being derogatory when she dropped the N-word 12 times in a rant aimed at an African-American woman, while having diner in Staten Island last month. According to TMZ, she spouted off about an unnamed person … saying, “If you're a black girl … you should shut up because you're black … you're a n**ger … nobody likes you.”

Hopkins continued to nonchalantly drop slur after vulgar slur while stuffing her face with Mexican food … saying, “I've never met somebody who's so n**gerish.”

TMZ called Hopkins for comment … who explained, “Some girls came up to me and said some racial remarks towards me [moments before] and this is what I said in retaliation.” She added, “I apologize if anyone was offended, it wasn't meant in a derogatory way.”

If you're a high profile person … you should probably just shut up as well because you never know who's out to get you caught up in a scandal. Note to Christina: Now nobody likes you either. SMH