Overnight Youtube Sensation Sweet Brown Is On The Rise to Stardom

October 5, 2015

Move over Antoine Dodson, Sweet Brown is taking over the spotlight. Brown is known for her viral Youtube video where she shares her comical reactions, while describing her experience of a local fire to a news reporter. In the video, Brown utters two catch-phrases (“Oh, Lord Jesus, it’s a fire,” and “Ain’t nobody got time for that”). Both phrases are now widespread.

Brown has been steadily pulling web references since the clip became huge. She has made several radio, and daytime talk show appearances. But, probably the most rewarding opportunity came along when she landed a role in the next Tyler Perry movie.

It's amazing what the internet can do for some people overnight. It's clear we haven't seen the last of Sweet Brown. Let's see if she will continue to make us laugh, while showing her in a more positive light. Check her out in her latest commercial for Shoreline Dental below.