Parents Question Day Care Safety After Fatal Fire Kills 4 Babies

October 5, 2015

The negligence of one day care provider who caused the death of four small children has sparked a lot of concern from parents about how to choose the right home to care for their little ones.

No one suspected Jessica Tata, who is now on the America's Most Wanted and top 15 most wanted fugitives list, to be unfit to care for children. It wasn't until after she allegedly fled to Nigeria when four out of seven of her day care children died in a fire that started while she is said to have left the house to go grocery shopping, that the public learned of her past criminal history of arson.

In light of the situation, while it might be difficult to really get to know a person in such a short period of time, CPS is now offering a few tips on how parents can take more precaution to ensure the safety of residential day care.

Meanwhile, as the public lashes out on Facebook about this tragic incident, the search continues to find Jessica Tata. Charges which initially were one count of reckless injury to a child, has significantly increased to seven counts of reckless injury to a child, three counts of abandoning a child, four counts of manslaughter, and one count of fleeing to avoid prosecution. #wow

Prosecutors believe the manslaughter charges, which is classified for being an extraditable offense, are what may help aide in bringing Tata back to face Justice.