Pastor Arrested for Licking Woman's Private Area Long Time During Prayer

October 5, 2015

The pastor, Stephen Addy-Powell of Crown Miracle International Ministries, Omanjor is the talk of the blogs this week, because of his actions that got him arrested and charged with “indecent assault.”

“Pastor Addy came to my house, asked me to pray with him and that he has had some bad revelations about me. While we were praying, he undressed me and started licking my vagina ….” These are the words of the 32-year-old victim, who also claims the pastor banged on her gate that same day (April 15, 2011) with a sense of urgency.

“I was in the house that afternoon when I heard somebody banging on our main gate, so I rushed to see who that person was.” She said when she went to open the gate she saw Pastor Stephen Addy Powell holding a Bible together with two others.

“Pastor introduced himself as a man of God, and also founder and leader of Crown Miracle International Ministries Omanjor and that he had a message for me. So I ushered him into my sitting room.

“He then asked his friends to excuse us by going out while he told me the confidential message…. He said God had revealed to him that I had been engaged spiritually by some evil spirits. He said if we did not pray to break that evil bond I could neither marry nor have a child,” the lady told the police.

She stated that they started to pray about it, and in the process, Pastor Stephen Addy asked her to promise him that she would do anything she was asked to do which she accepted.

The woman alleged that after some moments of prayer inside her sitting room, the pastor lifted her dress, removed her panties and started to lick her vagina.

“He licked me for quite a long period before concluding the prayers,” she said.

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