Perm It Up: Rihanna’s Pour It Up Parody

October 5, 2015

UPDATED (4/30/2013): As it turns out, the Perm It Up video posted yesterday, which was directed by DJ Southanbred, may have been funny to many of us, but apparently it wasn’t funny to the one who claims to be the original owner of the idea (The C Corner). In all due respect, DJ Southanbred’s version was removed by Youtube for alleged copyright infringement.

No worries, however. For those who enjoyed the video song and theme, The C Corner contacted me today with their version of Perm It Up. Perm It Up (the original), and yes, it’s just as hilarious and ratchet as the last. Check it out below.

ORIGINAL POST (4/29/2013): With all the ongoing controversies surrounding black women embracing their natural beauty, more and more content continues to surface to discourage the use of chemicals in the hair. In this comical parody, ‘Perm It Up,” inspired from Rihanna’s latest ‘Pour It Up’ song and video, and directed by DJ Southanbred, Terri Abney explains how perm has destroyed her hair. She also touches on how women will spend their last on expensive weave products, while their bills are left unpaid.

“Perm it up. Perm it up. Watch it all fall out. Perm it up. Perm it up. That’s why I’m bald now.”

“Remy cost a couple bills. Still got my edges. Three packs you know I will. Still got my edges. Who cares about my cable bill. Still got my edges. Club Kiss makes my weave real…”