Photos Show Michael Jackson’s Son Prince May Have Vitiligo

October 5, 2015

New photos of the late Michael Jackson’s oldest son Prince Michael have surfaced, and they show signs, that speculators say, indicate he may have Vitiligo.

The 13-year-old revealed white patches under his arm while on a recent holiday vacation in Hawaii, and while the Daily Mail reports the patches could be a result of sun exposure, others don’t believe that’s the cause.


Vitiligo is a hereditary skin condition which discolors the face and body. Jackson, who died last year at the age of 50 is known to have had the same disease.

For years the paternity of Jackon’s children has been under question because of the difference in skin tone, but a family source is quoted as telling American tabloid The Globe: ‘It proves once and for all that Michael is the father!’