Pine Sol Honors A Girls Gift, Inc. Plus A Brief Encounter with The Pine Sol Lady

October 5, 2015

We spotted the Pine Sol Lady, Diane Amos, today (March 25), while hanging out at the San Francisco Superior Court house. It's just too bad the Blackberry camera phone sucks!

What has she been up to? “Still heavily promoting the Pine Sol brand name,” she said, in a hurry to make it to the court room she was headed to on a personal family matter.

Amos, a San Francisco native, where she currently resides with her husband, has been selling “The Power of Pine Sol” since 1993. And aside from being the company's brand ambassador, Amos is quite an actress, and comedian.

As an actress, Amos has appeared as Julianne Moore's nurse in “Nine Months” and as a judge in “Legally Blonde.” She's also appeared on a number of games shows, where her winnings were big.

As a comedian, Amos performs stand-up comedy, along with Marga Gomez. The two are widely known as “The Stand Up Sisters.”

Diane Amos Interviews Ericka Gibson and Deshong Perry-Smitherson of A Girls Gift, Inc.

Despite some of the criticisms Pine-Sol has been accused of over the years for using negative stereotypes, the company indeed gets brownie points for recently honoring “A Girls Gift, Inc.,” an organization that provides young girls the tools they need to succeed, through mentorship, and a number of workshops that cover healthy relationships, health and beauty, anger management and self-esteem building.