Playing vs. Pimping (plus) Do or Die “Still Po Pimpin”

May 15, 2015

I was reading an interesting write up about Playing vs. Pimping written by a sports blogger by the name of Chantelle Yardbarker.  In so many words, she admits to having a thing for pimps — not for what they do — but because she says they are upfront and truthful. She even admits to being something like a pimp herself.

Parts of me wants to laugh out loud, but I just can't. I just won't because I'm tired and sleepy right now.

What I can do is agree with what she says about players.  A player plays games with people's emotions, time, effort, etc.  They lie and they manipulate. (too many head trips — so much drama)

But what more than claiming hoes (or a hoe in some cases) is a pimp really truthful about? That's a puzzle — and stress will kill you — Do or Die and “Still Po Pimpin” — What? (yeah that's the question).