Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 Short Film ‘Act Da Fool’

October 5, 2015

High-end fashion designer Proenza Schouler premiered its Fall 2010 collection yesterday by way of a short film entitled “Act Da Fool.” The film, directed by Harmony Korine sets place in Nashville, TN and depicts a group of rebellious black teenage girls living a gutter life (lost and confused).

On the Proenza website, Korine stated in an interview that her inspiration while making the film came from the patterns and paint drips on the clothes: “They spoke to me,” she said. They said “Go fuck up the world, burn shit, blow it up, eat mud, snort glue, drink a lot of malt liquor and eat some friend chicken, watch some strippers throw down the booty and find God.”

In watching this film, I don’t get high-end fashion out of it at all. In fact, what does come to mind is that if these girls are wearing high-end designer apparel and actually live the way it’s being exploited in this film, then looting had to be involved. Yeah I know, it’s a horrible way to think, but let’s be for real; how many chics living a hood rat life and feeling the way that these girls do are spending $550 on an “authentic” pair of designer jeans?

I can just hear all the pro-black Americans out there now going in on this ridiculous and stereotypical idea to sell expensive clothes. Proenza Schouler and Harmony Korine can’t be serious.