Proof That Some Men Can't Handle Rejection Very Well

October 5, 2015

I understand that a persons pride is hurt when they've been rejected.  I've known some females to outright ignore a man that simply throws a friendly pass and a smile their way because they just were not interested.

I've also seen guys get angry when females ignore them.  I assume they get the impression that the female is acting stuck up.  As a result the guy curses at them calling them every name in the book just because the female chose not to stop and talk.

If the guy looks harmless, I try my best to at-least speak and keep walking.  But my question: Is it THAT serious where if a female chooses not to talk to a guy — he has to resort to physical or mental abuse?

Atlanta police say two women’s rejections enraged a man so much that he opened fire, injuring both of them.

“He knows where they live,” Atlanta police spokesman Officer James Polite said Thursday. “This is a crime of a high and aggravated nature.”

The two women were outside an apartment complex on Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta on Wednesday night when a strange man approached and began to hit on them, Polite said.

“He tried to talk to them in front of the apartment complex and they weren’t interested,” he said.

The man then followed the women about half a mile as they drove down Campbellton Road and on to Interstate 285. They were on the ramp of I-285 when he opened fire, striking one woman in the face and the other in the chest, police said.

The most interesting thing I find about this report is that the officers last name is Polite. Sound like a higher source could be suggesting that just a little bit of politeness maybe? — just MIGHT keep you from getting your head blown off.