Quentin Moore’s ‘Natural Sista’ Shows Love for Natural Hair

November 24, 2015

Clearly the natural hair care world is sleeping on R&B artist Quentin Moore. Originally from Austin, TX, Moore broke into the scene with his 2013 single You Forgot Your Heart, a mellow, jazz-blues-funk infused odyssey of soul, taking the listener on a journey into love, heartbreak, freedom and fulfillment. It was a single celebrating cultural authenticity that broke through the noise and gifted Moore his first #1 UK Soul Charter, Natural Sista, which boasts the throwback sounds of ‘70s retro soul with a rare showering of adoration for Black women and a timely message of self-love.

Take a listen to the beautiful sound of Natural Sista in the official video above.


More hot sounds from Quentin Moore. Listen and watch as he “Quentinizes” Soul Glo, the curl activator commerical from the movie Coming to America!