R. Kelly Found Not Guilty on All Counts

July 4, 2008

Taking 6 years to get to court, how come I'm not surprised.

A Cook County jury Friday acquitted R&B superstar R. Kelly of child pornography charges, marking the end of a high-profile trial rich in courtroom drama and celebrity intrigue.

Jurors put little stock in the prosecution's star witness, a woman who claimed she participated in sex acts with Kelly and the underage girl. But because the alleged victim and her family denied she was the woman in the video, jurors' sense of reasonable doubt held strong; likewise, the videotape of the sex acts was convincing, but not conclusive, jurors said.

The initial vote taken after the case went to the jury was 9-3 in favor of acquittal. Subsequent votes during “heated but civil” deliberations moved back and forth, but never very far.

“All of us felt the grayness of the case,” said a man identified only as “Juror No. 2.” continue reading