Rapper Shyne Calls Out Obama for His Deportation; Supports Romney

October 5, 2015

Rapper Shyne recently shared his thoughts on President Obama, and why he's not supporting him for the upcoming election. While everyone is entitled to their own political views, Shyne's views are far from realistic. He believes Obama should pardon him back into the United States after being deported in 2009 following his release from prison.

“He knows who I am, he knows what’s happenin’,” the rapper said of  Obama. “He’s always talkin’ about he listens to hip-hop and his daughter listens to hip-hop. He knows who Shyne is, he knows I’m deported.”

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It's not like anyone should care what Shyne feels about President Obama, since he's not a citizen and have no rights to vote. But, the idea that he feels he deserves a personal handout, and supports Romney because he's no longer welcome in the States, makes you wonder how many other African Americans are just as ignorant, and would vote a racist who doesn't care about poor people into office just because things aren't going in their own personal favor.