Rapper Trina Sets The Record Straight and Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

October 5, 2015

Social networking sites are becoming more and more of a place to be to experience everyday drama, with people expressing how they REALLY feel. Rapper Trina is one of the latest to let out her frustrations via Twitter, and politely shut down rumors that are currently circulating about her being pregnant.

Here's what she had to say in regards to her weight gain and loss issues:

STOP it with the fucking rumors enuff already!! I am NOT pregnant!!!! Wtfffffff! Why do people believe anything they hear!!! Fuck outta here…Can’t please everyone.. If I lose weight it’s something “dammn u done got too small and lost ya a$” if I gain weight it’s “I’m pregnant”…Leave me the FUCK alone… I’m extremely HAPPY!!! And thats what matters! #thatsall BYE!!!…

And the sad thing is those that leave the most disrespectful comments.. How about look i’n the mirror and see WTF do u look like….Stop looking at old recycled pics of me and even new ones that may not be the best shots and assuming shit! Get a fucking life.. #shiteaters…Mo Money… Mo food… I’m eating so fuck u starving ass “non muthafuckn factors”…To whom it may concern, I am my own woman, make my own money, pay my own bills… Don’t ask anybody for shit so therefore FUCK off!!!….

I will NOT ever be 100 pounds.. So if that’s what y’all want #killyoself I have and will always be a woman with curves! And I LOVE them….I DO not take diet pills or any other crash diets to lose weight! I work out like normal people so if I gain a few pounds so FUCKIN what!!!…Every woman is NOT suppose to look like a dammn broomstick! I’m very comfortable i’n my own skin with all my curves and assests! #thanksmom…I DON’T give a shit about no blogs or none of u HATERS!! I’m so important i’n your eyes that’s the reason u take the time to talk shit!…Now back to what’s important!! *presses play on bey cd and turns the volume up* #kissmyentirea$ all of it!!!!!!!!!