Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian Commands $10,000 Per Tweet

October 5, 2015

Did you know that several celebrities are getting paid to tweet? Well…. if you didn't, now you do.

Apparently reality tv personality, Kim Kardashian has been making the most out of what she has to say on the social networking site Twitter. According to a survey done by Advertising Age's Michael Learmonth, her rate is $10,000 per-tweet.


Kardashian is working with the “in-stream advertising” company which targets high profile celebrities to basically get paid to tweet.

The companies co-founder, Derek Rey, tells PRNewser Kardashian “can command” $10,000 per tweet and that limits its “publishers” — as it calls Kardashian — to one paid tweet per day as to not alienate her audience. “We're not a polluter,” Rey said.

How well is Kardashian, and other celebrity publishers selling? “We could sell out that inventory if we want to, but we have a lot of advertisers,” he said. “We're filtering them before we go to our talent.”

The above Tweet from Kardashian sure reads like an advertisement, but contains no disclosure. Rey told PRNewser that Carl's Jr. is not an campaign. Indeed, Kardashian just inked an endorsement deal with the fast food chain to promote their salads. Despite the fact that she is a public spokesperson, Rey told PRNewser that with any instance of one being compensated, “you have to disclose.”

It's not only celebrities who are getting paid to tweet and making a nice little bit of change.  To find out how you too can hop on the bandwagon, just click continue.