Republicans Continue to Use Fake Pimps and Ho's to Rob the Poor

October 5, 2015

The anti-abortion group, Live Action, have been hard at work, pulling ACORN moves by sending fake pimps into several Planned Parenthood locations, in an attempt to catch the organization in wrong doing.

Many speculate that the fake pimp and prostitute that intruded on ACORN a while back were hired by the republicans to destroy the agency and rob them of federal funding, which was done successfully. So, now the question is, who are Live Action working for?

According to the Washington Times, Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, on Wednesday said undercover videotapes that appear to show Planned Parenthood clinic employees offering advice to a “pimp” and services for underage prostitutes are just the latest evidence that Congress needs to cut funding to the organization.

Is there anything more that needs to be said to make one believe that “Live Action” just might be working for the republicans as well? SMH

Rep. Gwen Moore is against the Pence Ammendment to defund Planned Parenthood. She took to the house floor to give her reasons why the organization is a much needed for the young community, particularly African Americans.