40’s and 50’s Hairstyles Making A Comeback

October 5, 2015

Retro 40’s and 50’s hairstyles are showing up more and more these days. Big barrel curls, deep waves, and fancy up-do’s are all the hype.

Retro styles are a lot of fun, and weather you love them or hate them, these styles will always make their way back to the forefront of current hairstyle trends.

To create retro hairstyles, stylists use a combination of different techniques. The most common include the use of roller setting and pin curls. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to recreate one of those sexy vintage looks that fits your own personal lifestyle.


To design your own setting patterns, or try to duplicate a style shown in a magazine, try some of the following variations for top, side, and back sections. You can mix and match to achieve almost any style you want.


1) Setting: Use five medium-sized rollers. Starting above your left eyebrow, wind three rollers to the right. Now wind one roller to the left of your starting point. Behind this front row, wind one roller toward the back.

Comb-out: Top fluff blending into slanted bangs.

2) Setting: Similar to the set above, two jumbo rollers turned to the right, one to the left, with a roller behind this row turning toward the back.

Comb-out: The jumbo rollers give a smooth finished effect.

3) Setting: Same as above, with the addition of three forehead pin curls wound toward the right.

Comb-out: Curved bangs and a bouffant top.


1) Setting: Three large rollers above ears, two turned down, bottom one turned up.

Comb-out: Smooth side with flipped-up ends.

2) Setting: Two large rollers turned down, with two large pin curls side by side above ears, wound toward the face.

Comb-out: Smooth bouffant side blending into a cheek curl.

3) Setting: Two large rollers turned down, two reverse pin curls, side by side above ears.

Comb-out: Side dips going forward and then back over the ears.

4) Setting: Pin curls above and behind ears, each row wound in opposite direction.

Comb-out: Back-swept line with hair coining forward again below the ears.


1) Setting: Six rollers, all turning down, in three vertical rows of two rollers each, edged with one row of pin curls at the nape.

Comb-out; On short hair, a bouffant bubble effect. On medium-length hair, ends will flip up. On long hair, a pageboy will result

2) Setting: Place rollers vertically instead of horizontally. Wind four toward the left, two toward the right. Wind a row of pin curls at the nape of the neck, each going in the same direction as the roller above it.

Comb-out: A deep wave.