Lawrence Washington of RHOA on Wearing High Heels and Cross Dressing

October 5, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s newest cast member and hairstylist Lawrence Washington is making some serious fashion statements with his stylish choice of cross-dressing and wearing high heels.

In a recent “20 Questions” with Black Voices, Washington says he likes to identify himself as “Miss Lawrence,” and claims it’s easy expressing himself through cross-dressing.

“I identify myself as Miss Lawrence, and basically I cross-dress. That’s the word for it — I’m a cross-dresser. I don’t do drag. I don’t wear fake boobs or a bunch of hair. I just cross-dress.”

When it comes to him wearing heels, Washington says: “Jot this down; I am the blueprint of the boys of “the cross” in Atlanta. I started this a long time ago. I put on my first pair of pumps when I was going to a Prince concert years ago. I thought it was appropriate, and I never stumbled. And I’ve never fallen or anything – unless I’m dancing and get real full. It just became real natural… I didn’t start butch queens [wearing] pumps, but I would consider myself to be the first person to bring it to the forefront. I can say I was one of the first ones to walk down the street in the middle of the day in Louboutins.”