Rihanna Helps Gucci Support Under Privileged Children with GG Flag Bag

October 5, 2015

Rihanna has been spotted on several occasions as of late looking rather comfortable with her choice of attire. And while many of her outfits have not been so post worthy, what hasn't gone unnoticed is the patriotic statement she's been making with what appears to be the it bag of the moment.

The Gucci USA American Flag bag Rihanna is sporting is part of Gucci's latest efforts to help support underprivilleged children. Designed by Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, the complete collection features the brands GG logo in the colors of various national flags from across the globe.

“As combinations of colors are symbolic in flags, representing ideals or allegiance, this new collection further signifies Gucci’s continuous commitment to improving the quality of education in the most disadvantaged areas and for the most vulnerable children,” Giannini says in a statement. “I am proud to support these important initiatives as an education is a gift forever.”

The complete Gucci GG Flag collection can be found on the company website here.